People remain the core and pulse of our human-oriented business. In recognising all our negotiators as key assets into a new era of digitisation, we are as passionate as ever to assure them a life career lies in OneWorld Real Estate, where we have one of the most dedicated leadership teams to help them thrive and fulfill their long term real estate aspirations, with a righteous sense of integrity.

A selfless loving personality, passionate spirit, positive attitude plus disciplined character, are all irreplaceable and essential attributes that mould a successful real estate professional. And they are always fundamental DNA elements in every OneWorld Real Estate family member, as benchmark for continual growth.

Amenny Chua Photo
Amenny Chua
Founder & Executive Director
Aine Lee Photo
Aine Lee
Founder & Principle
Nicholas Yim Photo
Nicholas Yim
Marketing Director
Gary Lee Photo
Gary Lee
Head of Subsale
Ivan Chong Photo
Ivan Chong
Alex Wong Photo
Alex Wong
Non-Executive Director
Daneal Eoon Profile Picture
Daneal Eoon
Project Director
Jacyntha Uma Profile Picture
Jacyntha Uma
General Manager
CK Chong Profile Picture
CK Chong
Senior Group Leader
Mei Fen Low Profile Picture
Mei Fen Low
Head of Recruitment
Kelson Kee Profile Picture
Kelson Kee
Head of Training